An extraordinary life

starts with self care...

True in East Lyme, Connecticut helps you achieve optimal wellness through self-care by way of massage, yoga, and lifestyle planning.


Self-Care defined by you

We each practice self-care differently – for some, it includes monthly massages, and for others, it incorporates boundaries like not answering the phone after six at night. 

However you define it, self-care is a customized way of living that brings you contentment, joy, and overall physical and emotional well-being.  Let’s explore and discover together what self-care means for you.

Self-care coaching brings a focus to what will enhance your life.  Through confidential, supportive coaching sessions, we will build a customized, attainable self-care program to help you make steady progress toward your goals.

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It is a shame that we consider massage a luxury.  Massage reduces stress, increases relaxation, improves circulation, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, and improves overall immune function.  Show yourself some love and include the benefits of massage in your regular self-care routine.  

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If you have never established a yoga practice, or want to go beyond a general class, the True private yoga sessions allow you to connect with your inner strength and balance, while releasing tension and toning your body.  Often what we find on the mat translates to areas of our lives where we can use a little tender loving care.  

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I'm Alix, Your Life Strategist, Massage Therapist, and Private Yoga Instructor

And I am your biggest ally when it comes to your health and wellness. I combine my personal experiences and professional expertise to guide you in achieving your wellness goals.  Together we navigate the frustrations and celebrations that come with change.  It would be my honor to work with you.